A flashback on my massage school graduation

Taking a moment to look back to when I was a child…

When I was about to graduate from massage school, my teacher knew that I, like everyone else,  was anxious to get out from behind the study books and begin doing what I have loved doing since I was a child.

If you ever had one of those kids who says “Mommy can I rub your shoulders?”,  then you know what I’m talking about.  Those tiny little hands and a great big smile  find their way to the back of your neck and shoulders with no real strength in their little fingers. They might be strong enough to toss a salad. However,  when they start dancing around your shoulders and neck and you say “that is the best massage ever!”

There is power in these words! With a strong desire to please those tiny little hands and fingers accompanied by a great big smile and curly hair, was all I needed to hear before running off to go play hide and seek, red light green light with the other kids in the neighborhood. Who knew when my mom said I need for you to walk on Daddy’s back and I’ll Hold Your Hand so you don’t fall, that the desire to help my daddy feel better was strong! I was Daddy’s Little Girl and was more than eager to help him. That day sealed my desire to become a massage therapist on Maui!
Susan Welck Maui Massage

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