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2016 XTERRA World Championship Maui Winners need Massages!

Its that time of year here on Maui where we have extreme athletes from all over the world come to the beautiful Ritz-Carleton on the West side of Maui to participate in the XTERRA World Championships. These tough athletes go through some of the most rigorous challenges  XTERRA throws at them! This year is no exception! After their grueling challenge and ultimate finale they will need a deep tissue massage! That’s where I shine! Deep tissue massage is a critical part of recovery from an XTERRA World Championship event.

Keep in mind, not only is massage good for you after an event, its a great way to relax before your strenuous competition. Any XTERRA athletes here on Maui who need the best deep tissue massage, give me a ring and I’ll be there at your service!

For all XTERRA competitors, I’m giving $10 off all my massages!

Good luck to all the athletes! See you on my massage table 🙂

Susan Welck (Susan’s Maui Massage)

A flashback on my massage school graduation

Taking a moment to look back to when I was a child…

When I was about to graduate from massage school, my teacher knew that I, like everyone else,  was anxious to get out from behind the study books and begin doing what I have loved doing since I was a child.

If you ever had one of those kids who says “Mommy can I rub your shoulders?”,  then you know what I’m talking about.  Those tiny little hands and a great big smile  find their way to the back of your neck and shoulders with no real strength in their little fingers. They might be strong enough to toss a salad. However,  when they start dancing around your shoulders and neck and you say “that is the best massage ever!”

There is power in these words! With a strong desire to please those tiny little hands and fingers accompanied by a great big smile and curly hair, was all I needed to hear before running off to go play hide and seek, red light green light with the other kids in the neighborhood. Who knew when my mom said I need for you to walk on Daddy’s back and I’ll Hold Your Hand so you don’t fall, that the desire to help my daddy feel better was strong! I was Daddy’s Little Girl and was more than eager to help him. That day sealed my desire to become a massage therapist on Maui!
Susan Welck Maui Massage

Why Massage is so good for you!

Living on Maui is a personal experience for everyone. One of the best things for increasing the quality of life on Maui, is massage therapy.

So many people abuse their bodies from daily activities and or work, not realizing they are  paying a huge price later on in life. This is where massage comes in… We do massage therapy  not only to relieve the day to day stresses in life, but to heal the body on so many levels.

Working on our over worked muscles releases the tension caused by our neglect however, the added benefit of relaxation is the bonus! Do it for yourself!  Treat your body as the temple it is!  Being on Maui and seeing the beauty is awesome! Add this with an amazing massage, will give you the full experience of paradise.