2016 XTERRA World Championship Maui Winners need Massages!

2016 XTERRA Championship - Massage by Susan Welck

Its that time of year here on Maui where we have extreme athletes from all over the world come to the beautiful Ritz-Carleton on the West side of Maui to participate in the XTERRA World Championships. These tough athletes go through some of the most rigorous challenges  XTERRA throws at them! This year is no exception! After…

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A flashback on my massage school graduation

Taking a moment to look back to when I was a child… When I was about to graduate from massage school, my teacher knew that I, like everyone else,  was anxious to get out from behind the study books and begin doing what I have loved doing since I was a child. If you ever…

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Why Massage is so good for you!

Living on Maui is a personal experience for everyone. One of the best things for increasing the quality of life on Maui, is massage therapy. So many people abuse their bodies from daily activities and or work, not realizing they are  paying a huge price later on in life. This is where massage comes in……

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